Powerful Instagram Marketing Tips That Actually Work

Ever since its initial launch in 2010, Instagram has grown into the ultimate platform for sharing photos. Its unique take on social media interaction has also gained a lot of attention in the business landscape. With over 900 million per month of active users, it’s the ideal platform for establishing an online presence for many brands. If you’re interested in Instagram marketing, then you should know that there are a lot of strategies available out there. We managed to round up some helpful tips you get started with your social media marketing campaign. Take note that these methods work. So, it’s only a matter of application.


Switch to a Business Profile ASAP

Before you even start thinking about your Instagram marketing plan, make sure you have an Instagram Business Account. It’s quite easy. All need is to switch your current profile into a business account, and you’re all set. An Instagram business account has a lot of additional features that are essential when doing business on this platform. There’s a “contact button,” in which users can use to reach out and get in touch with you.

A business profile will also enable you to create and publish Instagram ads without the need to use Facebook’s native advertising tool. That means you can make ads straight from the platform itself and won’t need any external software or application to do so. You can also access Instagram’s analytics tool, ‘Insight.’ It provides stats about the impressions and reaches of your posts. Once you have access to all of these features, make sure you make good use of them to track your metrics and understand the nature and tendencies of your target audience.


Use Free Instagram Tools

We just mentioned tools like Insight being a useful feature when you switch to an Instagram business account. We want to emphasise that a little bit more. Business profiles on Instagram are no different from that of Facebook business profiles. Facebook owns both social media platforms, after all. Through Insight, Instagram’s analytics tool, you can view and monitor statistics like engagement, impressions, data, and more. If you have a Facebook business account, then these features may be familiar to you. Other features include getting comprehensive demographics of your followers. This will include information on their age, location, gender, and even average active hours.


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